Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Transplant

It's January 17, 2013.
Gloria's new "Birthday" is what they call it. She's now successfully been transfused with a new immune system compliments of her super hero, Shawn.
It's been a long road, and we've only just begun.
I am hoping Nate, Melissa, or Kelene could possibly post some details (cough-cough) as it seems like I am getting behind.

Gloria completed her first round of chemo. 6 long weeks at the LDS hospital, adjusting to new surroundings and nightly rounds of "vitals". Even on the hardest days, she fought through. Not only is this type of Cancer painful physically, it's mentally grueling.

On Christmas Day she was allowed 6 hours of "freedom" to be released and spend with family. Of course clothed in complete armour, "Grandma" arrived to make our Christmas an extra special one.
(not sure if she was excited or not to get her new Vacuum, even if it is an Oreck!:)

Unfortunately, we only had limited time for Christmas traditions. A few hours before Glo arrived, we found out that my Grandma Connie (Gloria's Mom) was in the Utah Valley Regional Hospital from a stroke the night before. Gloria received permission to make a quick trip to the Provo Hospital before making her way back to her room 859 at the LDS Hospital.
Let's just say this is the year of Hospitals.

January 2nd, she was well enough to come home for ONE Week and "regroup". Luckily, we had Kelene & David here to pamper her with green smoothies and massages. Nate even had his esthetician friend come over and give her an eyebrow wax!  She may or may not have snuck to see Les Miserable... can't remember.

January 8th she went back up to LDS Hospital for another week of Chemo to prepare for today... the transplant. Today is the day. Shawn has worked soooo hard to be healthy and prepared with his bone marrow process. He cancelled his Birthday Party in leu of eating any sugar until after this transplant. Being a donor isn't easy. Shawn had to make many trips to the LDS Hospital for paperwork, special shots, and then 2 days of laying perfectly still while his bone marrow was sucked out of his body. (does that sound dramatic?)

Here is Shawn... holding very still...
 Don't be fooled, these nurses are not as "little" as they look.
Kim rocked this transplant.. great, great team!

If that isn't dramatic enough... maybe this trailer will be.
Glo's Glowing
 It's late, I can't think... suggestions are welcome.

Here it is:


  1. LOOOVEEE this!!!! Thanks for posting. So Wish I could have been there for the big day. Such a miracle!

    1. You were in spirit Kelene! You're our families rock.

  2. Chari, you are giving me a Super Hero complex. I'm not worthy of all the praise. This truly was a very rewarding experience for me and I'm glad I had the opportunity. I hope and pray that it all works out the best way possible for your Mom, so we all have her around for 30+ more years. I feel she still has so much to give. This is a good reminder to live life to it's fullest and love often!