Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks. It really does.
I don't think one can even comprehend the hell it is until they've been there in some way.
I am so proud of my Mom for fighting this thing. She could give up, and just live as long as possible, but there's hope & she's fighting.

Lately, Jon and I have been discouraged by people making *excuses* or rationalizations with, "well, I had a poor childhood" or "I did this, because of this."

According to this philosophy, we all get free passes in life when we hit a road block. For me and my siblings, we've had a rough 18 years, but you know what? We are happy, we try not to blame, we are blessed, we are surviving and I am working on my anger. (Why does my mom deserve to be in this pain? Arghhh.)

We booked a hotel this weekend and spent time with Grandma.
On the 8th floor, there are white boards in the halls. We can write notes of encouragement to patients. Ryder and Noah are super proud of theirs.
Ethans words: you will live
{The kid just gets to the point}
After the boys left with Dad (to go swim at the hotel, of course!), I walked Glo around the floor (she needs to walk every day!). She loved her notes! Thanks boys!

>> update <<

I am not the doctor, or a cancer specialist, but here's what's going on:
Gloria has been fighting Mylo fibrosis for some time.
The cancer has been growing. A bone morrow transplant is inevitable.
There is a 50-50 chance of survival.
We are so grateful her youngest brother, Shawn, who is a bone morrow match & a willing donor! (giving bone morrow isn't a fun task)
She was scheduled for transplant Monday, Dec.10th.
Bone Morrow Biopsy last week found that the blasts had increased to Leukemia levels. If she were to go ahead with a transplant in this state, it may not work, her bad cells would end up taking over and killing the good cells from Shawn. So, we had to make a choice- and we chose to shoot the cancer down as best as possible prior to transplant.
She is currently receiving heavy chemo at the LDS Hospital.
We are on day 5 of 7.
Once the chemo treatments are complete, her cells will need to start healing (cross our fingers) and once they do, she can come home for a few days; regroup, and head back in for the transplant. This will consist of another type of chemo & about 2 months in the hospital. 2013 is going to be a great year! We are going to get Glo better and get her life back!
Love you Mom!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I know 2 things:
1. Cancer Sucks
2. I can't control it

Cancer is in the drivers seat. Our mission is destroy it, dodging bullets, tricking it with transfusions & being ready when it takes a sharp turn.
Today, we had to take a detour from the treatment plan.

Mom was scheduled to start treatment for this transfusion on Monday Dec 10. Bone Morrow biopsy came back yesterday that the blasts in her morrow were 19%.

20% is considered Leukemia.
The entire treatment plan just took a right turn.
I've been here at LDS for 13 hours- eyes are burning- so I will make this short and fill you in on the details tomorrow.

She tries to keep smilin as she is being admitted. Her hair will be gone soon.

Found this box of tissue at the new Trader Joe's

It's like the Christmas Story when the mom dresses her son in his snow suit.
 She leaves this room, she has to put on the infection armor... over and over...
masks and gloves.

 Thanks cousins Jody & Nedra for making the softest blanket EVER! She loves it!

More details when I can think:)

Monday, December 3, 2012


I thought it was strange for someone to blog about such personal issues, until my Mom got sick. 

The doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute as well as LDS Hospital have advised us to start a blog. Why?

My beautiful mother has so many people that love her-- and why wouldn't she!? So many people are concerned about her. 
As my mom starts radiation and chemo next week, she won't be able to have visitors. We can't risk her getting sick! Check in here for updates.

*p.s. Glo chose because of her pioneer heritage. It gives her strength to fight like those pioneers! love you mom!
She was trying to play on words with "Willie Fight" - like "will you fight?" - go mom!

I'll let Nate post the upcoming schedule/procedures.