Monday, December 3, 2012


I thought it was strange for someone to blog about such personal issues, until my Mom got sick. 

The doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute as well as LDS Hospital have advised us to start a blog. Why?

My beautiful mother has so many people that love her-- and why wouldn't she!? So many people are concerned about her. 
As my mom starts radiation and chemo next week, she won't be able to have visitors. We can't risk her getting sick! Check in here for updates.

*p.s. Glo chose because of her pioneer heritage. It gives her strength to fight like those pioneers! love you mom!
She was trying to play on words with "Willie Fight" - like "will you fight?" - go mom!

I'll let Nate post the upcoming schedule/procedures.



  1. I love love love that this is happening. I need updates on one of my favorite people on the planet! Thank you!

  2. Love this! Love the name mom:) you are the strong just like your ancestors:)

  3. Awesome name for the blog mom!(& thanks char for getting it up & running). Gloria always liked to use pioneer sayings whenever we had to get through rough times "put your shoulder to the wheel" & "this will test your pioneer mettle." Keep those positive thoughts going mom, fight hard, stay strong, we all love you and are here for you:)

  4. Okay, now for the schedule (at least what we know at this point). Gloria is currently up @ LDS hospital undergoing 4 weeks of chemotherapy to treat the underlying leukemia(which is preventing the doctors from going ahead with the bone marrow transplant) - I personally don't understand their reasoning for this due to the fact that many leukemia patients undergo BMT to treat their symptoms so why not just go ahead with the BMT now and treat the leukemia and myelo in one shot? Anyway, on with the schedule: after the 4 weeks of chemo she gets to go home for 3 days to regroup & prepare for the BMT, she will then come back up to LDS hospital to have the BMT. I am not sure about exact dates but that is what we know so far. It really comes down to how she responds to treatment and at that point we will have a better understanding of how long after the BMT she will have to stay/get to get home. Any other questions drop a line & we will try to answer the best we can. Thank you one and all for your support!